Wheeling Machine Products

Producing couplings and special couplings for premium applications related to oil country tubular goods (OCTG)


5411 Industrial Drive South
Pine Bluff, AR 71602

The Wheeling Machine Products facility was originally founded by a woodworker-turned-machinist named Ernie Kraus in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1918. Kraus began as a threaded coupling manufacturer shortly after the end of World War I and quickly elevated his company to the status of a worldwide leader in coupling technology for the petroleum, water well, heating, plumbing and air conditioning markets.


Acquired in 2007, U. S. Steel’s Wheeling Machine Products now operates in two locations: Hughes Springs, Texas and Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Continued excellence in coupling manufacturing

Wheeling Machine Products now supplies couplings and specialized couplings, ranging in size between 2.375” to 20”, used to connect individual sections of oilfield casing and tubing. These couplings are manufactured at two different locations: Pine Bluff, Arkansas and Hughes Springs, Texas.

Exclusively from U. S. Steel: Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB®) greatly enhances the service life of couplings.

A low plasticity burnishing system has been installed at the U. S. Steel Tubular Products' Wheeling Machine Products coupling production facility in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This facility can provide treatment of couplings during manufacture, enabling us to quickly fill orders for customers with cutting edge technology.

Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB®)*, the new patented technology exclusive to U. S. Steel, is a surface treatment that enhances the performance and service life of treated couplings by providing enhanced resistance to sulfide stress cracking, fatigue cracking, corrosion fatigue cracking and cracking induced by foreign object damage.

Initially developed with grants from NASA for use in the aerospace industry, LPB® is also being applied to materials in the nuclear and medical fields and, now for the first time, to the oil industry through U. S. Steel Tubular Products.

*LPB is a registered trademark of Lambda Technologies Group. The technology is protected under several patents.