U. S. Steel Standard and Line Steel Pipe Products

A legacy of high-quality energy-specific standard and line steel tubular products developed, tested, and produced in the United States.

Because U. S. Steel has been in the business for over a century, we’ve developed a wide network of mills and manufacturing methods. Our customers have access to a broad spectrum of specialized standard and line steel tubular products to meet their particular application needs. U. S. Steel’s commitment to manufacturing the finest quality steel tubular products is even stronger today than it was when we went into business over one hundred years ago.

Explore the U. S. Steel Tubular Products Standard and Line offering

We are the largest, fully integrated energy tubular producer in North America. U. S. Steel has full control over every step of the pipe manufacturing process, from melt to final product. We manufacture our tubular products at several U.S.-based facilities that produce high-quality tubular products with low-residuals in a wide range of strength levels with superior toughness.
We maintain our legacy of cutting edge product development, applying the latest in technology advances to manage every aspect of our production. Precise regulation of every step of every one of our processes is essential, from charging furnaces with raw ingredients, through iron making, steelmaking, casting and rolling, to the manufacturing of tubes to exact dimensions, heat treating as required, and testing and inspecting to meet specified product requirements.
The U. S. Steel standard and line pipe offerings are widely used throughout the energy sector, both upstream and downstream. We offer both seamless and high frequency electric welded pipe to meet our customer’s specific requirements for applications in exploration and production activities, pipelines, construction, refining, and chemical and petrochemical facilities.

Quality Control, Sizes, Grades

Type of pipe
Regular mill production
Size Range, NPS Size Range – Inches Wall Thickness Range, inches Maximum length, feet
Seamless 4" – 26" 4.5" – 26" OD 0.205" – 2.312" 48'
High-Frequency Electric Weld (EW) / Electric Resistance Weld (E) 4" – 8" 4.5" – 8.625" OD 0.156" – 0.440" 54'
The U. S. Steel Tubular Products Quality Management System is in full compliance with API Q1 and ISO 9001, ensuring that our products are manufactured under the control of an internationally recognized quality management system. All U. S. Steel Tubular Products pipe-manufacturing facilities maintain API licenses to manufacture and monogram products to API specification 5L. In addition, Fairfield Tubular Operations, Lorain Tubular Operations and Lone Star Tubular Operations are all ISO 9001 certified.

Grades and Lengths for Specialized Applications

U. S. Steel Tubular Products manufactures 30°, 37.5° and square cut end finishes, lengths up to 48 ft in seamless steel pipe or 54 ft in welded pipe, grades from grade B up to X80, and wall thicknesses up to .440 in welded pipe and up to 2.312 in seamless pipe (depending on OD & Grade). We produce a full line of API grades and proprietary grades to meet specialized customer needs, including HIC-resistant pipe and pipe grades with superior impact properties even under extremely cold arctic conditions.

U. S. Steel Tubular Products Distributors

U. S. Steel Tubular Products are available through authorized distributors across North America. See our complete U. S. Steel Tubular Products Standard & Line Pipe Distributor list here.

U. S. Steel Certifications

U. S. Steel Tubular Products facilities meet the certification standards of leading organizations that interface with our industry and our customers. We are API licensed, hold ISO 9001 certifications for our line pipe, and hold a PED certification. See the complete list of U. S. Steel Tubular Products certifications.

For pipe sizes and grades not found in the sections above, please contact U. S. Steel Tubular Products at 877-893-9461 with your inquiry.