OCTG Rig Site Services

To dispatch a Rig Site Service technician please call Patriot Premium Threading Services at +1 (432) 563-1041

U. S. Steel Tubular Products is committed to keeping your products in top form in the field. Technical support and on-site rig services offered by our rig site services team is a high-value added service that will protect your investment.


Whether service is needed on a scheduled or an emergency basis, our team is fully equipped to provide service and support around the clock at the rig site or at nearby storage facilities.

24/7 Service and Support

Rig site services personnel possess the expertise, experience and equipment to help ensure the integrity of our products.

Rig site services and benefits:
  • 24/7/365 service
  • Assurance that correct running procedures are followed
  • Visual inspection of connections
  • Tools and training required to perform field repair
  • Knowledge of full technical specifications and product performance data
  • Ongoing training and direct access to engineering and technical staff
  • Direct contact with licensed repair facilities

Field service technicians provide on-site visual inspections of casing and tubing connections. If visual defects are identified, repairs are facilitated. Information gathered in the field is communicated to U. S. Steel Tubular Products engineering team, analyzed and used to develop new generations of tubular products and services.

Trained, Experienced Field Specialists

Field specialists receive ongoing training to ensure they provide the best on-site service. They also have quick, direct access to engineering and technical staff to help them identify answers to potential problems. This gives us the ability to promptly arrange for assistance from a licensed repair facility. Located across oil and gas producing states, these facilities are licensed to repair U. S. Steel Tubular Products, including USS-PATRIOT EBM®, USS-CDC®, USS-CDC HTQ®, USS-LIBERTY FJM®, USS-LIBERTY LD™, USS-LIBERTY TC®, and USS-EAGLE SFH®.