USS-CDC® Semi-Premium OCTG Connections

A semi-premium connection specially designed, engineered, and proven for today’s casing drilling applications.

The U. S. Steel Tubular Products USS-CDC® is a modified API Buttress threaded and coupled connection specially designed, engineered and proven for today’s casing drilling applications.

The standard API thread form provides familiar handling characteristics and an industry-accepted thread sealing pressure resistance. The field-proven USS-CDC® connection is ideal for casing drilling and other applications requiring the need for higher torques and rotation of the pipe.

Our specialized design

The pins of the USS-CDC® connection are longer than API buttress connections, forming a controlled pin-to-pin contact area in the center of the coupling. At power tight make-up, the two pin members create a radial torque shoulder. The consistent pin-to-pin contact at the center of the coupling rotary drilling is transmitted against the pipe body and not solely against the threads.

The pitch diameter of the mill end pin is larger than that of the field end pin, resulting in higher make-up torque on the mill end than on the field end. This feature greatly reduces the possibility of the coupling turning during make-up of the field end. The torque shoulder allows for easy make-up on the rig while providing higher drilling torques than API Buttress by directly transmitting torsional forces exerted on the connection during drilling operations. The delta torque in the connection also enhances fatigue resistance of the connection by preloading the shoulder. USS-CDC® connections are available in 4-1/2 to 13-3/8 inch sizes.

U. S. Steel Tubular Products OCTG Distributors

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