Semi-Premium OCTG Connections

Semi-premium connections guarantee performance with improved technology and higher quality standards.

Since its introduction a half century ago, U. S. Steel Tubular Products’ patented buttress thread design has become the industry standard.


In 1966, further experiments with the original design led to the release of our improved buttress tubing thread. The improved version balances two goals: developing the full yield strength of the pipe body, while providing maximum clearance in high–pressure wells. Today, U. S. Steel Tubular Products produces improved buttress tubing in sizes ranging from 2 3/8" to 4 1/2" outside diameter.

Semi Premium Connections offered by U. S. Steel Tubular Products:

U. S. Steel’s improved buttress tubing offers a tight hydraulic seal, handles extremely high axial thrust, and withstands high–pressure conditions frequently found at oil drilling sites. The knurled make–up marking on the tubing promotes easier, more accurate position make–up and faster running of the tubing in the well. The flat crests and roots parallel to the pipe axis also foster fast make–up and reduced cross–threading and give the improved buttress tubing excellent stabbing characteristics. Phosphate–coated coupling threads resist galling and corrosion in storage.

U. S. Steel Tubular Products OCTG Distributors

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