U. S. Steel Tubular Products Manufacturing Facilities

Energy-specific tubular products that are developed, tested, and produced in the United States.

U. S. Steel is the largest, fully integrated energy tubular producer in North America. Since 1901, we’ve used cutting edge technologies to produce, manufacture, and finish high-quality, high-strength tubular products at our own facilities.

U. S. Steel produces tubular products at the following U.S.-based facilities:

We are a truly integrated steel manufacturer: U. S. Steel has full control over every step of the composition and final manufacture of our products. We mine the ore and carefully select the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. We carefully control the metallurgical and mechanical process by using cutting-edge technology to manage every aspect of our steel production. Controlled additions of alloys, plus an array of field and lab-tested heat and chemical treatments, create steels precisely crafted to suit every application and environment.

Our final products are rigorously tested using innovative software applications that calculate, measure, test, record, and analyze most every aspect of the modern steelmaking process, ensuring that every tubular product carrying the U. S. Steel name also carries with it our more than 100 years of commitment to producing the finest steel products in the world.

U. S. Steel Certifications

U. S. Steel Tubular Products facilities meet the certification standards of leading organizations that interface with our industry and our customers. See the list of U. S. Steel Certifications.