USS-FREEDOM HTQ® Semi-Premium OCTG Connections

High torque casing connection ideal for horizontal wells

The USS-FREEDOM HTQ® is a semi-premium threaded and coupled connection that is capable of achieving the highest torque rating in its class through unique design.

  • Full scale testing to confirm torque and sealability performance
  • Rugged and proven buttress threadform
  • Rated to pipe body with 100% tension and compression

USS-FREEDOM HTQ® features API 5CT 10th Ed. coupling OD size with optimized bearing face for maximum torque capacity.  The USS-FREEDOM HTQ® connection is a superior choice for shale well production casing, horizontal wells with extended laterals, rotating while cementing, and drilling with casing.

Innovative engineering and design delivers an innovative product

The larger coupling OD of the USS-FREEDOM HTQ® creates a lower stressed connection compared to similar size API buttress couplings. This buttress compatible connection maintains the pin-to-pin contact design that is able to sustain a maximum operating torque of 29,500 ft-lbs1.

Overall, USS-FREEDOM HTQ® is the answer for tough challenges requiring a connection of greater strength and resilience. USS-FREEDOM HTQ® connections are available in 4-1/2 to 6 inch OD sizes.

Download the USS-FREEDOM HTQ® flyer now.

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1 Achieved with 5-1/2” 20# P110 HC material