Deep Well Steel Grades

Deep well steel grades for the deepest drilling environments.

U. S. Steel Tubular Products produces steel grades ideal for deep drilling environments.

For more than a century, U. S. Steel Tubular Products has provided solutions for the oil and gas industry. Oil country tubular goods (OCTG) manufactured by U. S. Steel Tubular Products are widely used across the global oil and gas industry. Today, just as in the past, we are dedicated to serving our energy customers through an array of casing and tubing products designed to meet a new generation of challenges.

U. S. Steel Tubular Products API steel grades for deep drilling:

  • API P110 is an API grade for general use in deep wells. This grade is not generally considered suitable for sour condensate wells.
  • API Q125 is an API grade for deep well service, not generally for use in sour condensate wells. Quadrant hardness testing is required without any specified limits other than the variation between readings. Impact testing is required for each heat and/or lot. NDT inspection is required with two methods of inspection; typically EMI and UT are performed on this product.

For U. S. Steel's proprietary grades designed for deep well applications (P110 HC, P110 HP, Q125 HC, Q125 HP, and Q125 XHP), please visit our Proprietary High Collapse and High Performance section.

Product Minimum Yield Strength Maximum Yield Strength Minimum Tensile Strength Maximum Hardness
API P110 110,000 psi 140,000 psi 125,000 psi None
API Q125 125,000 psi 150,000 psi 135,000 psi Hardness variation requirement

For pipe sizes and grades not found in the section above, please contact U. S. Steel Tubular Products at 877-893-9461 with your inquiry.