USS-TALON HTQ™ Semi-Premium OCTG Connections

Threaded and Coupled Semi-Premium Connection

The USS-TALON HTQ™ connection is a cost-effective solution with exceptional torque capacity.

  • Full scale testing to confirm torque and sealability performance
  • Patented wedge thread form
  • Rated 100% tension and compression efficiency

USS-TALON HTQ™ features a robust thread form derived from the USS-EAGLE connection family with over 10 million ft. of proven field performance.

Innovative engineering and design deliver an innovative product

Full scale testing program validated fatigue life, FRAC cycling performance and operational torque capabilities typical for production casing applications in horizontal shale wells with extended laterals, including casing rotation during installation and while cementing.

USS-TALON HTQ™ is qualified to a modified API-5C5 CAL I with liquid to 100% of pipe body ratings, with additional gas evaluation successful up to 80% of pipe body ratings.

Overall, USS-TALON HTQ™ is the answer for tough drilling challenges requiring a cost-effective solution with exceptional operational torque capacity. USS-TALON HTQ™ connections are available in 4-1/2 to 8-5/8-inch OD sizes.

Download the USS-TALON HTQ™ flyer now.

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