USS-LIBERTY TC® Premium OCTG Connections

Threaded & coupled casing connection for the most challenging projects

The USS-LIBERTY TC® is a new generation of premium casing connection that is full pipe body rated and designed for the most challenging wells, including horizontal and extended reach wells, high-pressure hydraulic fracturing, sour service and more. Its unique, patent-pending features provide ultimate design flexibility and can be rotated while cementing. This rugged connection delivers increased efficiency, reduced costs and trouble-free operations for a wide range of applications.


Available in outside diameters ranging from 4-1/2 to 10-3/4 inches, the USS-LIBERTY TC® has been tested to exceed API RP 5C5:2014 CAL IV guidelines, including internal and external pressure testing combined with tension and compression load.

  • Proprietary TightFit™ thread form, combined with primary metal-to-metal seal and shoulder configuration, improves performance in collapse, compression and torque
  • Unique features isolate seal to prevent effects of pressure caused by thread compound
  • Available in pipe sizes 4-1/2” OD to 10-3/4” OD; with fatigue testing up to 14” OD pipe sizes
  • Hook thread design with flank-to-flank contact
  • Tested to exceed API RP 5C5:2014 CAL IV guidelines
Download the USS-LIBERTY TC® brochure now. Also, visit the Connections Performance Data to review the product datasheet.

Case study from U. S. Steel Tubular Products outlining the details of the successful inaugural run of the USS-LIBERTY TC® premium connection.   Click here to learn more.

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